Specialist Classes & Clubs

These run outside of our normal classes offering different sessions for a variety of abilities.
It also offers our more competent and advanced swimmer the opportunity to explore and develop new skills should they not wish to go down the route of club swimming.


The Adult series is a progressive learn to swim programme consisting of 4 Awards specially designed to progress an adult from non-swimmer through to competent and confident swimmer.


The Penguin series has two awards ladders – Rockhopper for skills and Emperor for stamina: The Rockhopper series consists of 9 awards and is an exciting programme introducing learners with disabilities to the joy of water.

The Emperor series enables swimmers to increase their strength and stamina by swimming in their own style distances of between 5 and 400 metres.


This is open to competent swimmers who are 7yrs + including adults. Swimmers must be comfortable putting their faces into and under the water.