All lessons must be made in full for the term and are non-refundable, unless on medical grounds with a supporting Drs Note.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Splash Paddle and Swim will not and do not discriminate on grounds of ethnic origin, ability or disability, age or religion. We aim to and strive towards best practice at all times both within the pool and out of the pool. Our purpose is to create a service which is inclusive of all to the very best of our abilities and in line with the STAs standards and expectations.

Disability Policy:

No swimmer will be excluded from participating in lessons on the basis of having a disability providing that the swimmer can be accommodated safely within the group/pool.

Child protection & Safeguarding Policy

All staff at/ working on behalf of Splash Paddle Swim are subject to an up to date and current CRB. All staff will hold qualifications up to National standards and will have completed their safeguarding training. This will also be monitored and ongoing through CPDs.

Health and Safety Policy

All staff will have access to the NOPs and EAPs of the pools they are working at. It is important that they understand fully the actions to be taken in an emergency. Teachers will be responsible for pupils from the moment they enter the water until they return to the care of the parent/carer. Risk assessments must be checked and signed of daily for the sessions. An overall pool risk assessment is done termly and reviewed as a team at staff meetings.

Customer Care Policy

Splash Paddle Swim endeavour at all times to provide a quality service to swimmers through the STA International learn to swim programme. Communication to Swimmers and parents/carers is done through a variety of means eg, Facebook, Twitter, Website, emails and phone. At all times it is important for Splash Paddle swim to maintain best practice and high standards through their teaching and communication with service users.

A message book is available on the poolside and alsoa evaluation and feedback form which are given out at the end of each term. Should a service user have any concerns or wishes to raise a complaint then there is a book in order to do this. Splash Paddle Swim will respond to this and aim to resolve any matters swiftly but will always respond within 10 days.