Junior Lifeguard

The aim of our junior lifeguard course is to inspire young people to get active, have fun with friends and learn important life saving skills.

To reassure parents that their child is not a competent swimmer but also knows what to do in an emergency.
This programme is ideal for 8yrs and above or for swimmers who can easily swim 50 metres continuously unaided.
Junior lifeguard is an innovative new survival and rescue training programme for young learners,there are 5 levels to complete- seal 1-5 which progressively challenge learners to attain survival and rescue skills that can really save lives.


Dates for the new life guarding course are:
Monday 1st August -Friday 5th August Or
Monday 15th August – Friday 19th August
8.30am – 4pm every day

£145 for the week or £28 per day.

Held at winterfold house school
Kidderminster rd,
Chaddesley corbett.

For further information about staying safe click here
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In our junior lifeguard programme we also have “dry “side awards learners can complete away from the pool, as part of a group session.

Junior Medic is a new first aid and resuscitation programme that teaches young learners what to do in an emergency situation, we cover issues like :what todo if someone has a sprain, Broken a bone, has a asthma attack, heart attack, or suffers cuts and grazes.


This flexible programme combines personal survival/rescue and first aid skills into one comprehensive award. This award will appeal to competent swimmers of all ages and organised groups such as scouts or guides. This encompassing nature of this award provides an insight into the role of a rescuer.

* All learners will work at their own pace.
* Knowledge is reinforced through fun games.
* All the missions and challenges are progressive.
* Learners can achieve lots of certificates through the different missions.

This fun packed programme offers something for everyone regardless of ability from life guarding skills and first aid, to snorkelling, ocean awareness, distance swimming, sports skills and health and wellbeing. There are over 40 different missions to choose from along with the 5 seal programmes before the learners can achieve the ultimate certificate the PRESIDENT’S SEAL CERTIFICATE.


If you would like to know more or when we will be running the next course please contact Kirsty on 07814527495 or Lisa on 07817600034

Or email [email protected] or look on our Facebook or simply look on this website.

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