Welcome to Splash Paddle Swim

We are a small, friendly, private swim school operating out of the Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa, Abbey Hotel Redditch and the Holiday Inn Bromsgrove.
As a STA swim star swim school, we are credited/affiliated to the SWIMMING TEACHERS ASSOCIATION.

We run lessons throughout the week in all three pools and predominantly offer sessions for parent & baby, toddler, pre school & school age children. All the sessions we run are from the international learn to swim programme so all lessons are structured.

At splash paddle swim we also offer adult sessions and it doesn't stop there! During the holidays we also run our Junior Lifeguard Camp and Swimming Intensives.

So for more information on what we do or simply to book please contact:

Kirsty 07814527495
for your after school and weekend lessons & synchronised swimming.

Lisa 07817600034
for all baby ,toddler and pre school sessions.

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  • Abbey Hotel +

    • Daytime Sessions


      10:00am Toddler 2 spaces
      10:30am Babies 2 spaces

      After School Sessions


      4:30pm Confident Beginners (Luke's class) 2 spaces
      6pm Beginners / Confident Beginners 2 spaces


  • Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa +

    • Monday's Day



      11:00am Toddlers 4 spaces
      10:30am Babies 1 space
      11:00am Older Babies FULL
      11:30am PRE SCHOOL FULL
      12.00pm PRE SCHOOL FULL


      10:00am Pre School FULL
      10:30am Baby 1 space
      11:00am Baby 3 spaces
      11:30am Baby / Toddler 6 spaces
      12:00pm Pre School 2 spaces


      12:00pm Toddlers 3 spaces
      12:30pm Pre School FULL
      1:00pm Pre School Full
      1:30pm Baby Group Full


      08:30pm Parent & Toddler FULL
      08:30pm Pre School Full
      09:00pm Beginners FULLs
      09:00pm Beginners FULL
      09:00pm Beginners FULL
      09:30pm Beginners FULL
      08:30pm Improvers (Luke's class) 2 spaces
      09:30pm Begginers (Luke's class) 1 space
      10:00am Confident Beginners FULL
      10:00am Improvers (kirsty & Lisa class) FULL
      10:30am All Classes FULL
      11:00am Beginner ( Becky's class) Full
      11:00am Beginners FULL
      11:30am Beginners FULL
      11:30am Improver + Advanced FULL

      After School Sessions




      4:30pm Improvers (Dan's Class) 3 Spaces
      4:30pm Confident Beginners (Luke's Class) 2 Spaces
      5:00pm Improvers (Dan's Class) 2 Spaces
      5:00pm Beginners (Luke's Class) 4 Spaces
      5:30pm Advanced (Luke's Class) 3 Spaces


      4:30pm Confident Beginners (Luke's Class) 2 Spaces
      5:00pm Confident Beginners (Luke's Class) 4 Spaces
      5:00pm Improvers (George's Class) 2 Spaces
      5:30pm Confident / Improvers (Luke's Class) 2 Spaces
  • Holiday Inn +

    • Daytime Sessions



      10:00am Babies 3 spaces
      10:30am Older Babies FULL
      11:00am Toddlers 3 spaces
      11:30am Pre Schoolers FULL

      After School Sessions (to be confirmed)


      5:00pm Beginners 2 Spaces

Latest Updates & Offers


  • Please can all splash paddle swimmers be aware of the new parking arrangements at the Bromsgrove hotel.
    You need to know your cars registration number and key it into a machine so you will be let out. If not it's a £60 fine.

    Staff at the gym are happy to assist you should you need it, or further information please speak with a member of staff.

  • Summer Junior Lifeguard Camp held at winterfold house school

    for dates and more information please click here

  • New term begins :

    Renewals for our summer term are now open. As usual all our current swimmers get priority booking up to Saturday 1st April 2017. Unless we have spoken to you or a change has been requested your time and slot will remain the same. It is up to you to let us know as soon as you are able that you are continuing, and then to secure your place with payment for the term.

    Term Dates and Details

    Term Begins Monday 24th April 2017
    Term Finishes on - Saturday 22nd July 2017

    This term is 12 weeks unless a Monday Swimmer and its 11 due to the Bank Holiday at the start of May.

    May Bank holiday 1st May - NO SWIMMING

    Whitsun Half Term NO SWIMMING Monday 29th May - Fri 2nd June

    Payment Details

    Afterschool lessons £8.75 x 12 = £105 - unless a Monday swimmer £96.25

    Baby and Preschool lessons £9.00 x 14 = £108 - unless a Monday swimmer £99

    We kindly request that all payments are made via bank transfer to a NEW ACCOUNT

    Splash Paddle Swim LTD
    Account Number: 62048507
    Sort Code: 40-15-07

    Reference swimmers name.

    We are no longer able to take cash or cheques and kindly ask that payment be made into the above account. Please let us know if you have any problems with this and confirm your place by making payments promptly.

    We look forward to celebrating the progress of swimmers for the remainder of the term.

    Many thanks Lisa, Kirsty and Team Splash Paddle Swim

  • Child Safety and Wellbeing Morning

    Holiday Inn, Kidderminster Road
    Thursday 30th March 2017

    Come along and enjoy a hot drink and cake, chat to a variety of child practitioners about what they offer. Along with mini basic first aid demonstrations, baby swimming industry experts and more.

    There will be Children's swimming lessons going on at the same time.
    All are welcome so pop in and take a look.

    For more information please contact:

    Please contact:
    LISA : 07817600034
    Kirsty : 07814527495

    class sizes are

    BABY GROUPS- 6 in a class with parents and 1 teacher in water
    Age groups 0-1yrs old (starfishes badges)

    TODDLER GROUP- 6 in a class with parents and 1 teacher in water
    Ages 2yrs-3.5 yrs( Stanley badges)

    PRE SCHOOL GROUP- 4 in a group with 1 teacher in the water,
    Ages 3.5 - 4 or until they start school, must be able to be to listen to instructions and confident to be without parents/ carers. (Stanley badges)

    BEGINNERS- 4 in a class teacher in the water ( swimming aids available)

    CONFIDENT BEGINNERS- 4 in a group, teacher in the water(swimming aids available )

    IMPROVERS- 5 in a group , teacher maybe out of the water ( no swimming aids to be used)

    IMPROVERS+ - 6 in a group, teacher maybe out of the water ( no swimming aids to be used)

    ADVANCED - 6/8 in a group, teacher maybe out of the water( no swimming aids to be used)